James Coles and Sons (Nurseries) Ltd are the UK’s largest grower of trees and shrubs for the amenity and commercial markets. Based in the East Midlands, we supply stock nationwide via our own delivery vehicles to clients including landscapers, garden designers, wholesale nurseries and local authorities, for projects ranging from new housing developments and business parks, to show gardens and plants for private individuals.

We operate across seven production sites totalling more than 500 acres, giving us the capacity to grow more than 1.2 million trees and 2.4 million shrubs. Our team of over 100 staff grow, care for and supply these plants with a wealth of knowledge and experience; we’re proud to say that over 50% of our staff have been employed for more than ten years, many having been with the company for over twenty or even thirty years! This means you can be sure we know what we’re doing, and are capable of supplying you with a top quality product and service. You can find out more about our production sites here, or meet some of the team here.


Coles Nurseries was established in 1913 by James Coles (the current James Coles’ great-grandfather) with the purchase of an eight acre site in Evington, Leicester. Joined by his sons William and Fred in 1917 and 1921 respectively, the company was initially required to grow and supply fruit and vegetable due to the War, with production of Nursery stock kept to a minimum. After the War, the company was able to focus solely on the production of nursery plants and soon become known as a high-end retail nursery.

The company continued operations in this way until after World War II, when William and Fred, now running the company, decide to move fully into the production of wholesale plants. Over the next twenty years the Company expanded massively; acquiring several new sites bringing the total amount of land up to over 500 acres, hiring new members of staff and increasing production capacity exponentially.



Managing Director


As Managing Director James oversees all aspects of company business, and is currently the BALI Midlands Regional Chairman as well as a member of the HTA’s Ornamentals Management Committee.

Operations Director


Operations Director Mark looks after the production side of the company, as well as sitting on the HTA’s Technical Committee in an advisory capacity, and on the HDC’s Nursery Stock Panel.

Amenity Sales Executive


Our Amenity Sales Advisor with over 25 years’ experience, Gareth handles some of our largest accounts, providing a personal and advisory service to our amenity clients.

Key Account Manager


Key Account Manager Vince takes care of our new customer enquiries, as well as helping to represent the company at trade shows and with client visits.

Sales Manager


Andrew has been with Coles for some 35 years, and in his role as Sales Manager oversees the sales process from start to finish.



21 Acres

Thurnby is home to our head office, propagation unit, dispatch yard and retail plant centre, providing space for around 250,000 container shrubs, from P9-3 Litre, as well as five acres of glasshouse.


261 Acres

Our largest site by far, Gaddesby with it’s 10 million gallon reservoir is home to over 1 million container plants, 1.1 million field grown trees and our newly expanded range of Air-Pot trees. Being our coldest, most exposed site, this is where the majority of our hardy amenity plants are produced.


60 Acres

The site that produces the majority of our more delicate, ornamental shrubs, Syston holds around 1 million container plants and 100,000 field grown trees, as well as five acres of glasshouse.


42 Acres

One of our three tree-only production sites, Stoughton holds around 250,000 of our 1-5 year old field-grown trees, most of which are varieties of Betula.


5 Acres

Our sole glasshouse-only site, Spalding is also our only site located outside of Leicestershire. Five acres of cover provide space for over 300,000 container shrubs.


26 Acres

Located just across the road from our head office, New Field is our 2nd oldest site after Thurnby and produces around 150,000 non-rosaceous field-grown trees.


66 Acres

Another of our tree-only production sites, Mansells holds around 420,000 of our 1-5 year old rosaceous field-grown trees.